What E.J. Liddell brings to the New Orleans Pelicans 

BELLEVILLE Ill. The bus sat in the waiting area while the two coaches concluded their conversations in the outside.

E.J. Liddell was engaged in defending the title of Illinois

Mr. Basketball and also the first state championship that has been won in Belleville

West history, and his coach was in conversation about his future coach

Ohio State's Chris Holtmann had taken a private jet to observe Liddell who was selected to be a part of

the Buckeyes in the class of 2019 and, while the Maroons took off, Liddell had a lengthy discussion to Coach Joe Muniz.

In the same way, Holtmann told Muniz what would be in store for Liddell when he reaches the Big Ten.

He'll be a struggle, Holtmann told Muniz.

All freshmen do. However, it's how he goes through it that determines whether you are a star player.